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Chemical and Dyestuff
chemical equipment and instrument
None of the products will be supplied to countries in which this could be in conflict with the existing patents. However the final responsibility lies with the Buyer.
Our Vision
Season is a based integrated healthcare multinational, involved into different fields of the pharmaceutical business, comprising thus, all industry value chain: trading, development of Intermidate, generics (API, FDF),branded pharmaceuticals and chemical equipment and instrument.

Mission and values
Our mission: To achieve better people's life conditions
Our efforts have always been oriented to improve our Research and Development department, taking Innovation as our main goal. We truly believe that R+D and Innovation, which are the core of our philosophy, must be focused in those projects whose application in real life are able to better people's life conditions.

Our Values
Integrated capacities in order to become a world leader.
Excellence and high quality as manufacturers.
Commitment with R&D and innovation.
Commited to our society and environment.


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